Freelance work

I have covered science, environment, and science policy to specialized media in Brazil and beyond, first as a part-time science reporter (2015-2020) and now as a full-time freelance reporter (2020-current). The focus of my coverage has been on physical and Earth sciences (especially climate change - but with stories on health, technology, and other themes under my belt). My work has been published by Nature, Science, Eos, The New York Times, Scientific American, Context (formerly Thomson Reuters Foundation), and other publications.

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Climate Tracker Fellowship

Even if I first started writing about climate change in 2014 still as a science communication master's student — and kept working with the theme in my almost four years at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio — I felt the need to improve as a journalist who tells climate stories to international audiences. So in 2020 I was one of the 12 fellows selected worldwide to Climate Tracker's Climate Journalism Mentorship for Young Media Professionals, an exciting opportunity that led to a lot of learning, interesting stories, and contacts with amazing fellow climate journalists from four continents. It was a great experience and an opportunity to produce climate change content to a variety of platforms. 

ComCiência and ClimaCom

Selected work from when I reported to both magazines (2012-2015) as a Mídia Ciência scholarship holder (São Paulo Research Foundation) and a Tecnhical Development scholarship holder (Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - CNPq). At ComCiência I wrote about science in general and at ClimaCom I wrote mainly about the scientific, political and human dimensions of climate change.

See also: International Journalism Festival 2009 (Perugia, Italy)

Some other writing worth of notice (which I am especially fond of) was produced during the 2009 edition of the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, to which I was selected as one of the volunteers. In covering the festival to the online magazine of that year's edition, I followed panels on changes of the journalistic industry worldwide and other pressing issues of that year. The International Journalism Festival takes place yearly by late-April in Perugia and convenes high-profile journalists and Journalism specialists from all over the globe. The following pieces have been archived in the Festival's website and look different from when originally published - with the same original content.

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